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Moving to avoid problems

Now, the logistics of moving in the Statute is not perfect. For moving each link has a clear requirements, including distance classification, requirements, but why so clearly under the rules, moving still Lo-frequency out of it? the answer is very simple, with people in the industry said, "is to make money." Preferably before the move, the company sent to the customer's home, handling fees and other related things right. In addition, the payment should also be changed, cannot let the Porter with money, workers are only responsible for handling, so you can avoid problems in price, improve service quality, set up the company's image and credibility.

customers and moving companies should move specific rules agreed upon in advance, because verbal agreement over the phone alone, there must be access. Currently many moving companies, to attract customers, some moving companies bid on purpose to set the price too low, but once you start moving, then gradually increases, while Geely, customers generally tolerant. In addition, the so-called provisions of some moving companies, all moving companies of these interests are provisions of the King. In addition, profit-driven, even if customers and moving companies on a price, but the porters to artificially increase revenue, would fare under various pretexts. Question: moving moving moving companies so all the fare increase, the base moving expenses actually contain what?

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