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Standard moving company standards

Moving companies at present there are no uniform standards, cohabitation, regardless of quality. Individual moving companies do not keep credibility, timing, location of the commitment cannot be fulfilled, even urgent take on wild speculation, as well as individual moving goods damaged material and moral compensation is not in place, final consumers rather than worry saves time and effort, makes new home became a worry. The movers broke the sound.

errors were not informed when waiting for 5 hours

in August, Tian made an appointment over the telephone to a moving company, time at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on that day, provided vehicles and moving personnel required by the company. But it was not until 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the company's staff to call to tell Mr TIEN, traffic control, moving vehicles after 8 o'clock to arrive. Because the company is not informed in advance, he brought great inconvenience. Conciliation by the people, move networks, the company apologized to Mr TIEN.

China logistics enterprise network reminder: consumers should avoid the telephone booking way, discusses the best moving company in person. So as to understand the real situation of the company, signed an agreement in advance. While the moving company should provide satisfactory service for the consumer, truly on time on time, reasonable fees, consumers real peace of mind, rest assured, effort, and time.

to hire a moving company. Move, workers accidentally adds a "hivi" sound to the ground, to let workers have written a damage certificate. By maintenance personnel after testing the sound can not fix, and another audio cannot be used alone. To claim compensation from the businesses a new stereo, but repeatedly failed to contact the company. Complaints to the network people moved, after mediation, the moving company Manager said damages if maintenance.

China logistics network to remind: best to consult when consumers hire moving companies, find a good reputation, and strength of the moving company, moving matters agreed upon, the Parties shall sign handling time, place, price and simple service contract, especially for large precious commodities, sign, indication of price and quality and accurate, as a basis for avoiding disputes, the dispute. Moved the end at the same time, it should ask the moving company for service.

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